26 Dec 2014
Day of Rest

Felt like a marathon, did Chrismas eve over at Nicole's parents, then we hosted her family for Chrismas brunch, we had a short reprieve and then Christmas dinner with my side of the family. Thankfully everyone fit very nicely at our house, and it wasn't cramped like previous years.

23 Dec 2014

Finished shopping for the last few items, and miscellaneous food required to cook for Christmas. Spent a few minutes doing genealogy, and transcribing old newspapers... unfortunately it's giving more questions than answers, and pointing to a number of smaller Skuce/Skuse families being missed on the US and state censuses.

22 Dec 2014

Went and grabbed our Turkey from JD Farms in Langley, cost a bit more but it's good quality turkey.
Internet came back on this evening.

21 Dec 2014
Vacation Continues

Nicole started her work vacation yesterday
Internet has been out since yesterday night.
I've been getting fairly good rest for the last two days, with plenty of sleep.

16 Dec 2014

On vacation starting today for the next two and a half weeks. Should be good, although today was a bit stressful, as I probably tried doing too much after working from last Tuesday straight through the weekend with work and work events.

30 November 2014

Most tree lots officially open tomorrow, which is weird as it's a Monday, and would make more sense opening on the weekend. However, unofficially they were open and we went and go ourselves a Grand Fir.

Went and saw the Vinyl Cafe Christmas Show with Stuart Mclean at the Queen Elizabeth theater. It was quite good with Nicole and I laughing quite a bit.
Before the show we had Thai, and thought we'd have enough time for the German Christmas Market, however time ran out, and it was rather cold.

Some of our Christmas decorations have now been up for a week, all outside and on the front of the house. In the coming weeks everything else will start to get setup.

10 November 2014

First frost of the season today.

1 November 2014

We went Trick or Treating downtown in Mission, which I thought was rather good and well planned by the Downtown association. We all came back to the house and then I and Andrew went out for more neighbourhood trick or treating, while Nicole stayed home and handed out candy. Had about 30 or so children and teenagers by the house..

1 September 2014

Spent the last few weeks away in Trail, BC, as part of a workplace exercise.
Was on average doing about two meetings a day, which consisted of people talking about what they were doing ad-nauseum—Pretty sure most of the briefs could've been condensed down to a one paragraph sentence.
It was a rather interesting drive up, and a not so good sleep-deprieved drive back. Driving out of and into Osoyoos from the Kootenays is not fun.

8 August 2014
Small updates

Updated the photo page so that it divides into three subsections. Might be further sub-divided depending on how much content goes online, or is received from others.
Spent Monday, BC Day, in Tsawwassen by Boundary Bay; as there was a family picnic with my parents, both my brothers, Aunt, Cousins and families therein, think we had fourteen people. Beach was quite nice, water was warm, sand was burning hot, and company was companionable.

3 August 2014
On Vacation

Have been off from work for a week. Last weekend was spent entirely at the Mission Folk Festival, which was fun, we also housed several musicians for the festival, which in turn provided us with free tickets.
Weekdays were pretty relaxed—tending to the kids, and this weekend my brother is out visiting from Winnipeg through to BC Day. Have the entire immediate family over for BBQ today.

13 July 2014
Two weeks

One more week teaching, another week of work, and then I'm on vacation.
Sitting on a trove of old pictures, and I need to figure out a way to better categorize and display on this website.

7 July 2014
Home for the weekend

Have a weekend off from teaching. The grass is tall, housework to be done, and the kids are sick.
Good news is that after hours can have a look at the new civil index for Ireland on, as it's much expanded from what was previously available on microfilm. Should be able to fill in a few more holes, time permitting.

15 June 2014
Set up, back up and teaching.

Moving went without too much of a hitch, and had a week and a bit of vacation time used to finish moving in. Went into a shortened work week last week, and as of this weekend we've now hit the 95% of everything being unpacked and of having found a home in our house.
Unfortunately with having moved in, I'll now be teaching full time for the next few weeks, so will not have spare time to do anything other than, perhaps, some yard work on the weekends.

All the boxes of genealogy paperwork and old photos have now moved into my new office/workspace, and the scanner is now permanently setup. Next time off that I get, which will be post course, I'll be able to start scanning/processing/posting what I have.

31 May 2014
Moving Day

I'll be offline for the next few days until the new house is sorted out and the internet is connected.
Reminder that my email address has changed, and the old one will not longer work. New email listed on the about page.

27 May 2014

As can be seen, the main page hasn't been updated recently. Back in January we listed our Condo for sale, packed quite a number of our possessions into boxes and put them into our already loaded storage (from the last time we tried to sell). Finally in April we sold, and the same month put an offer on a house. We're now moving at the end of this week from Burnaby to Mission.
Along with moving, we've sat down gone through our bills and decided that it would be best to cut the line and just use our cell phones, moreover, move to an independent ISP to further save money. Because we're going to a new ISP, my old e-mail will no longer be available, and it's been changed to gmail, and is listed under the about page.

Hopefully I'll be able to do more frequent updates when everything is unpacked in the new house. My computing/work area will now expand from a small nook in the laundry room to a full fledged room with places to put and easily review paperwork and stuff.

1 January 2014
Old Year's Sickness

Nothing like bringing in the New Year being sick (Might've been flu, whatever it was, it was nasty). Spent the last few days in bed, today I'm feeling better and went into work for the New Year's Levee.

Happy New Year.