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Surnames found in the following pictures: Skuce, Boulger

Thomas Skuce, age 60, Ontario

Thomas Skuce; 1879, Ontario

Margaret Boulger, bet 1870-80

James and Margaret (Bougler) Skuce.
Marriage Photo, Jul 1880

James Skuce; 1880, Ontario. As he looked when married

Standing: John "Jack" Henry, William, Frank
Seated: Thomas Walter, Daniel Howard, James, Charles Skuce. Abt 1880

Catherine (Codd) Boulger, bef 1891

John and Elizabeth (Skuce) Wallace
aft 1870

John, Lou and Milton Skuce, 1888

James, Margaret (Boulger), with Children: Orval, Lou, Milton and Jack. Late 1890s

Bells Corner Public School. Abt 1899

Standing: George Orval, 10yr
Kneeling: Lewis Eldon Smith, 10yr (Neighbour)
Sitting: Muriel Skuce, 8 yr, and Vinnie Skuce 11yr; abt 1902

Christ Church, Bells Corner. Picnic to Queens Park, Aylmer. 1903.
Names on Back

James Skuce; 1905, Britannia Heights, Ontario. Blacksmith Shop

Hintonburg High School Days. Top to Bottom: Orval Skuce, 14, Harold Shipman, 16, Douglas LeRoy, 15, Alex Campbell, 15, Eddie Graham, 14. Abt 1906

James, Margaret (Boulger), Lou and Orval Skuce, 1909

Ethel (Niece), James, Muriel (Niece), Mrs James (Boulger), and "Venice" (Lavina?) Skuce; Skuce Residence, Britannia Heights, 1910.

James, Hattie (Dawson), Margaret (Boulger), Jack Skuce, Bertha Hall

Cynthia Skuce (Everts)

Standing: Thomas, Lavina (Boulger), Margaret (Boulger), Jane Bougler, James Skuce
Seated: Lena (Worden), Milton Skuce, Mary Boulger. abt 1914

James Skuce, Harold Shipman, Sadie (Bickerton) Skuce, Daniel Howard Skuce; Madawaska, bet 1906-16

Top: George Lyon, Lou and Orval Skuce
Bottom: Milton Skuce, Lewis Lyon, James Skuce, abt 1911

Charles Skuce, 4th s/o Richard and Amelia (Allen) Skuce

George Stewart Duncan and Ella May Skuce. Wedding Picture 5 Sept 1911

Lou Skuce; 1915, at workdesk

Eliza Jane Boulger, Margaret (Boulger) and Orval Skuce, 1916

Orval and Irene Bertha Skuce, 1916

Orval Skuce, 1917

Orval Skuce; 1917/18, Siberia

Orval Skuce; 1917/18, Siberia

Drucilla and Lena (Worden) Skuce, abt 1920

George Orval and Bessie Beatty, Wedding Picture 22 Sept 1920

Eliza Jane Boulger and Margaret (Bougler) Skuce

Mary Jane (Downey) Richardson, Orval Skuce, Clara Richardson

Rear to Front, L-R: Orval, Milton, Margaret (Boulger), Lloyd, Drucilla, Eldon Skuce. Aug 1924

Margaret Skuce (Boulger)

Daniel, Margaret (Skuce) Hall, Thomas, and William Skuce, 1930

Pauline "Pat" Skuce, Lou Skuce's Daughter

Rear to Front, L-R: Lloyd, Bessie (Beatty), Margaret, Orval, Daniel Skuce. Lloyd Embarkation leave Apr 1943

Lloyd and Margaret (Boulger) Skuce. Apr 1943

Bessie Graham Skuce (Beatty)

Orval and Bessie (Beatty) Skuce and Joseph and Theresa (Nagel) Ottenbreit, with Skuce Grandchildren. Feb 1962

? Morgan, Doris (Harris) Skuce, Delmar Skuce, Wm Skuce, Bryan Skuce. Seated: Lilly May (Morgan) Skuce. Bef 1969

Dan, Eldon, Margaret, Lloyd Skuce, 17 Feb 1972

Derrynafulla, Ireland–House, c1970

Derrynafulla, Ireland–Stable, c1970

Conrad Skuce & Nicole Pecenka wedding; 2005, Chilliwack, BC

Envelope and letter. Written by Richard Skuce of Osgoode, letter dated 1888 to his son Charles in Reid's Mills

Skuce Family Reunion, abt 1935, Woodroffe, Ontario

Margaret (Skuce) Hall, abt 1881

William Skuce, abt 1880

L/R: Lila, Forrest, Orvilla, Amelia "Millie" (Barr), John, Euric Skuce. Abt 1940

Top L/R: Tom Skuce, George Vallillee, Orval, James and John Skuce
Bottom L/R: Margaret (Boulger), Viola Skuce, Rececca Jane (Skuce) Vallillee, Hattie (Dawson) and Vinnie (Boulger) Skuce; abt 1910

Thomas Lewis "Lou" Skuce and Catherine Elizabeth Skuce, double-first cousins and very dear friends.
abt 1910

Patricia "Pat/Pauline", John Lewis "Bud", and Dorothy (Edis) Skuce.
abt 1917

Dorothy (Edis) Skuce

Lou and Nancy Skuce
abt 1936

Thomas and Florence (Whitehorne) Rodney
abt 1899

Rear: Margaret (Boulger), Bessie (Beatty), rest unknown.
abt 1940

Standing: Orval, Milt, and Jack Skuce
Sitting: Margaret (Boulger) and Lou Skuce
abt 1940

Ethel Skuce
abt 1910

Lavina "Vinnie" Skuce
abt 1902

Lavinia (Boulger) and Thomas Skuce
abt 1910

Katherine Skuce
abt 1910

Lavinia Margaret Skuce, 18 years.
abt 1910

Muriel Jennie Skuce, 16 years.
abt 1912

Irene Bertha Skuce
abt 1920

Margaret, Katherine (Skuce) and Tommy Shipman, c1940

Elizabeth Boulger Graham
abt 1925

Shirley Ethel Graham
abt 1925

James Howard Skuce, Gladys (Johnson) and David Skuce.

James Milton Skuce
July 4th, 1917, England

Milton Skuce, when he joined the 43rd Regt in Ottawa, 1911

Prizes won by Milton and Lou Skuce between 1901 and 1910

Ruth Kipling (Fraser) and Nancy Skuce
abt 1935

John Lewis and Ellenor (Gaston) Skuce
Wedding Day, 27 June 1942, Toronto

Ellenor (Gaston), Joanne and Dorothy Skuce
Dec 1954

Thomas and James Skuce, Lewis "Lou" Skuce, Nel Rogers and Kate, Vinnie and Ethel Skuce
abt 1910

Orval and Bessie (Beatty) Skuce with Grandchildren at Eldon & Audreys Cottage on Mississippi River, Ontario, Aug 1963

House of Charles and Catherine (Skuce) Skuce, built 1889, named Appledore Farm, Reids Mills, Ontario

Original Home of Richard and Amelia (Allen) Skuce, Mountain, Ontario

John Skuce, abt 1880, Canada

Frank Skuce, abt 1880, Canada

Back: Thomas Skuce, George Vallillee, Orval, James and John Skuce
Front: Margaret (Boulger) and Viola Skuce, Rebecca Jane (Skuce) Vallillee, Hattie (Dawson) Skuce and Lavinia Boulger. Abt 1908, Ottawa

Daniel Skuce, abt 1885, Canada

Eddie and Emma (Skuce) Gilpin, 12 Sept 1926

George D Skuce, abt 1890, Canada

Effie, Abbie "Bea", Ida Skuce, abt 1925, Canada

Thomas Rodney, son Arthur, Grandson & G-Grandson. 1959

Robert Driscoll and Freda Skuce, 1946

Muriel, Vinny, Irene and Ethel Skuce, c 1920

Standing: Tom, Vinnie, Ethel, Lavinia (Boulger), Margaret (Boulger), Jen Boulger, James Skuce
Kneeling: Irene, Muriel Skuce and Fan Tan the Boston Bull Pup.
At Britannia, while apartment at 200 Friel was under construction. c1915

L.R: Amelia (Skuce), James, David, Amelia, John, Harvy, Mary Gregson, Alex and Anne Goodwin.
Manitoba, 1891

Alex and Amelia (Skuce) Goodwin.
1880, Ontario

Orvilla (Skuce) and Ernest Bradley; c1970s

Iona Florence Skuce; abt 1950

William C and Isabella (Davis) Skuce; July 1948

Elva May Skuce; c1940s

Ida (Skuce) Hoy;
Nov 18, 1962

Abbie "Bee" (Skuce) and Willard Miller

Emma Skuce, abt 1900

Rev William Bert Morgan, Bella Mae (Vallillee), children: Burton, Alfred, Reginald, Louis, Vera and Barbara; late 1930s

First reunion of the Morgan Family since WW2; Ottawa

Beryl Skuce, abt 1910

Sandy DeKoning, abt 1955

Letter from Charles Skuce, Ireland, to Nephew in Ontairo. Jan 1881

Surnames found in the following pictures: Ottenbreit/Ottenbrite, Nagel

Frederick Nagel

Gertrude (Nestmann) Nagel

Joseph and Theresa (Nagel) Ottenbreit
abt 1916

Joseph Ottenbreit, c1930, Bayard, Saskachewan

R-L (Rear): George, Peter, Joseph, Wilfred, Clem, Jamie
R-L (Front): Trudy, Jo, Joseph, Ray, Theresa (Nagel), Jean; early 1940s
Surnames found in the following pictures: Beatty, Richardson, Graham

Thomas and Eliza (Hoag) Beatty, bef 1894, Ontario

Lumira E Richardson, abt 1890

Mary Jane MacDowney

Gardiner Richardson

Richardson Family, R-L (Top/Bottom): Samuel, Adelaide (Bradley), Thomas, Margaret Ann (Armstrong), Richard, Mary Ann (Alexander), Gardiner, Mary Jane (Downey), Ferdinand, Mary Anne (Bradley), William, Elizabeth (Clarke). bef 1908. Ontario

Gardner and Mary Jane (MalDowney) Richardson

Ferdinand Richardson's Farm Home, First house built in 1821 partially destroyed by fire in 1870 and rebuilt. Ontario

Standing: Mary Ann (Bradley) Richardson, Etta Young, Francis Young, Helena (Richardson) Young
Sitting: Ann Amelia Richardson, William R Young, Ferdinand Richardson. abt 1901

"Emma" Graham
(unknown details)

"Dobbie" Beatty
(unknown details)

Daniel Beatty Farm Buildings, Early 1900s, Ontario

Daniel Beatty Farm House, Early 1900s, Ontario

Charlotte (Richardson) Bradley

Mary Jane (Downey) Richardson, Clarissa Richardson. 1914

Ann Mary Richardson, 1917

Mary Jane (Downey) Richardson

Top: Charlotte (Richardson) Bradley, Myrtle (Bradford) Machin
Bottom: Ross Machin, Mary Jane Richardson, Donald Machlin, Eric Machin

Mary Jane, Mary Anne, Frances, Clarissa, Lumira (Beatty) Richardson

Frances Richardson, Ella Allen, Anna Mary Richarson, Minnie Allen

Lumira (Richardson) and Daniel Beatty.
Standing: Lloyd, Osborne, Bessie (Skuce) and Mabel Beatty, Gardiner??. 1921

Mary Ann (Alexander) Richardson, 90yrs, 29 Aug 1922

Lumira (Richardson) Beatty, Mary Jane (Downey) Richardson, Clarissa Richardson. June 1st, 90th Birthday

Mary Jane (Downey) Richardson, with Gr Grandchildren. 91st Birthday, 1 June 1924

Daniel and Lumira Beatty, 50th Wedding Anniversary, 26 June 1940

Daniel Beatty and son Floyd. 90th Birthday

Daniel and Lumira (Richardson) Beatty, 1940, Ontario

Mabel (Beatty) Fowler, Osborne Beatty, Bessie (Skuce), Beatty, Gardiner Beatty. Aug 1970