5 July 2020
Eaten Alive

It's been a strange year. Very cool June, and now we've had an entire months worth of rain in a few days. It's still quite cold for July (some of local mountains had snow); though it's sunny and warmish today, the mosquitoes were quite brazen and made a lunch of me while trying to mow the grass. Must continue to keep grass short and ensure drainage throughout the yard to at least somewhat minimize their population.
Had central air installed last month, the month prior we were thinking it would be a warm summer, and with having to telecommute thought it would be required to survive. Thankful it's a long term investment, because right now it's really not being used at all.

Had my family over on the 20th, we ensured everything was wiped down, and spaces setup to ensure proper social distancing. Caveat for everyone coming was they had to have no signs of sickness. We had enough sanitizer and soap throughout to enable proper hand-washing as well, as well as masks if needed. It was good to see everyone, as it's usually every few months getting together, and this was a longer period. Going to setup more distanced events, so as to be not so distant.

Watched the Death of Stalin (about a month or more back), excellent comedy, and am now watching the Netflix series Kingdom. Making a list for the kids so they receive an education of classical movies this summer, while keeping it PG.

23 May 2020
Now into...

May. Having to log into Facebook for work related items today, took a little while to remember the password, as I do not use it. Work is still alternating with principally working from home and then doing a once a week office trip. Looking forward to reverting back to where it's principally working at work and then a bit of work at home. Really does seem that the most productive days are when at work, as can corner people and get answers or ensure projects move forward.

18 Apr 2020
Weekend or not to weekend

Work keeps spilling into the weekend, now two in a row. Thinking there might be a pre-planning issue, as everything is now a last minute emergency.

13 Apr 2020

Braved Costco last Thursday, took over an hour to get in, once inside it wasn't too bad, although a lot of items were out of stock. Kids had their Easter Egg hunt yesterday, which was nice, they had quite a bit of fun looking for items left over from the Easter Bunny. We would usually either host or attend a Sunday Easter dinner, however, it was just us at home eating a Ham. This entire isolation to the pandemic is rather strange and tiring. Also tiring is the amount of people not taking isolation seriously and having large gathering or parties.

31 Mar 2020

No longer coughing up a lung, or having to sleep upright. Definitely feel drained. Have talked to my Doctor and I'm allowed to return to work, very excited, looking forward to going into work.

22 Mar 2020

Still sick. Now two wasted weekends, and a slog through a working week. Having to sleep upright so as to prevent having a chronic cough. Think I'm more rested going to sleep than getting up from it.

17 Mar 2020
Working from Home

Have had beautiful weather for the last five days, and as of last Friday my work has indicated that we are to work as home. Between that my specific branch is supposed to rotate through in the office. Just my luck that as of last Saturday I'm sick, and am still sick. Have to wonder how much coughing I will do and how much more stuff will come up form my lungs. Unfortunately being sick appears to be split between sleeping and being holed up inside looking at government briefs and emails.

17 Feb 2020
Long weekend

Nicole was sick during the workweek. Apparently now I'm sick for the long weekend.

8 Feb 2020
Drive home

Drove into work yesterday. Weather wasn't too bad going it, and a bit rainy going home, however, crossing over the bridge it went from light rain to complete downpour with gail force winds. Pucker factor went up pretty quick, thankfully was able to keep control of the car and make it home.

25 Jan 2020
Rain, lots of rain

This last week hasn't been too bad, with it raining quite a bit. Went with work to play Nerf archery, can positively say that I'm not a good archer, and the entirety of my inside left arm is blue from using the bow.
Last week we had a fair amount of snow, with me being forced to take a snow day and work from home. It wasn't just the snow, it was the constant freeze-thaw before that turned it into a few inches of snow on top of a nice layer of ice.

5 Jan 2020
Happy New Year

It's another year, and after almost 3 weeks off of work I'm ready to return, but at the same time it's never quite enough time off.
MyHeritage had a free promotion where one could transfer aDNA from MyFamilyDNA, checking the results didn't create any more close matches, however, the family tree portion did connect with many others, alas none of them had their DNA tested for cross comparison purposes. It always appears that I'm one generation out, or lacking in closer relatives for doing triangulation.