7 Sept 2018

Finannly getting some rain. Real rain, and not just a few drops. Smoke from the various wildfires has been unkind the last few weeks. Hopefully this will reduce the fire hazard, and assist with putting out the forest fires.

31 Aug 2018

Just back today from two weeks learning how to do light urban search and rescue. Quite a bit to learn, and did a fair amount of practical training. Although within the limited timeframe, it was quite introductory.

30 Jul 2018

Apparently we're breaking all heat records right now, thermostat outside doesn't go many more degrees. The AC units are keeping the house just at a tolerable level. Pretty sure my co-workers at work, are happy that before I went away to teach, that I had most of the AC units upgraded to a larger size and regulated refrigerant. Taking a required weeks worth of vacation, as accruing too many.

14 Jul 2018

Was away for the last month and a bit, teaching a course. Funnily enough the students had air conditioning in their dorm, and the residence for instructors didn't. It was rather warm, and the water was rather hard. Quite happy to be home and being able to drink fresh tap water.

5 Feb 2018
Belated New Year

Many I think I should's, however, nothing yielded action, so, now it's a happy New Year.
The last month has gone in a flash, with work never ending, and chores in and around the house also never ending. Kids received a Nintendo Switch for Christmas, so thats eating some time as well.
Going to get myself DNA tested with the FamilyFinder through FamilyTreeDNA. Have done many others, hoping with another data point it will help narrow down the estimated distances, which will likely still be the standard just out of reach. Unfortunately most people I would like to compare against are likely on Ancestry, and have not ported data over to GedMatch.