27 February 2017
Winter Headache

Somehow at work we've gotten onto a burnout schedule, and are now working under the old catchphrase do more with less (and less). My colleagues and I are all currently doing a countdown until April 1st, where hopeful sanity will rear its head again—pretty sure there is a betting pool on who will crack first and go on stress leave. March is looking like a brutal work month.
Snowed again today. Tired of snow, and am sure all the locals are wistful for the standard winter gray cloud rain.

10 February 2017
Too much snow

The kids had the week off of school, due to snow. It seems we've had snow on the ground pretty much full time since December, which is odd as most years it snows one day and is gone the next. I'm thankful we have a snowblower as there were several feet of snow, the most recent of which was quite fine powder. Found that the trick to dealing with the snow is deal with it quick and often, before it has a change to freeze or turn too wet. Funnily enough I was supposed to go state side with work this weekend, canceled as well due to the snow, due to deliverables not being able to be sent and the mountain passes being closed.

22 January 2017

The Norfolk Virus has hit our house. Took out the kids and wife first, then finally hit me yesterday. Last week at work, coworkers are fine one minute and then the next they're done for. Think this is the first time I've ever had this virus, definitely hits much harder than the cold I had a week ago.

1 January 2017
Happy New Year

It's a New Year.
Was going to head into work today for the New Year Levy, however, it snowed quite a bit last night. Spent the morning clearing out the driveway. Think I'm done with snow.