28 February 2021
Good Weekend

Spent a good portion of the weekend rebuilding the box for the raspberry bushes. Had to build the box higher, as the bushes like to push out surface shoots, so this ensures that the raspberries don't overly spread. Body is still achy from all the dirt moving. All the extra canes were happily donated to other local gardeners.
Spent Saturday night doing music bingo on Zoom. Was quite fun, and entry fee went to a good cause.

20 February 2021
Seeing holes in the sky

Well the last month has been interesting. Likely worked too many hours, and wore too many hats. Work flew me out of province for a few days on a charter to provide on location technical assistance. Dealing with a multitude of subordinate locations with me as the advisor—Not too sure how many more publications, directives and acts I can stuff in my brain. Thankfully my primary Job gave some additional time off for doing a 8 day stint, so I've been trying to complete some of the secondary stuff, such as completing moderation for an online course.
During a brief interlude of me time, did some genealogy and noticed an error in my line. 4 generations back I had someone listed with an incorrect death date, turns out they didn't die, married late in life and then had a considerable amount of descendants.

23 January 2021
Fun Fun Fun

Dishwasher started giving an error code last weekend, doing research apparently if it can't evacuate the water quick enough it will shut down. With the location of the dishwasher, it has to have an extension for drainage, and turns out, the extension steps down in size. Had to do more hand-washing during the diagnosis, and replaced the extension hose yesterday evening. Works. Now no more hand-washing.

On more joyous fun for the new year, our front deck started to leak, nothing excessive, but water was coming into the garage. Deck was end of life, and is now replaced. Thankfully it was caught and dealt with in time so that there is no mould or wood rot. Not ready for any more surprises.

Work is now going full steam, getting emails on top of emails, and getting calls while taking calls. Trying to figure out a better way to provide assistance and advice, as everything feels very house-of-cards like, and is pretty precarious. Either way, dealing with fiscal year out, the office has had to impose a hard cap dealing with end of year related paperwork to all subordinate locations—Foresee angry people, missing the deadline and blaming us for them missing the deadline.

10 January 2021

With my Brother providing guidance, videos and a material list, I was able to hook up the Dishwasher, and it now works, no more hand-washing.
Thanks Bro.

6 January 2021
Back to Work

Haven't bothered checking work emails for the last part of my vacation, while today wasn't too bad, I'm sure one more people return to work the emails and phone calls will ramp up.

1 January 2021
New Better Things

Happy New Year, and here's to a fresh start.

Replaced the GE Dishwasher with an LG. All the piping is Poly-B, will have to remove it and install Pex and Braided hose, so still having to hand wash.