28 Dec 2019
Whote lot of events

Slow going into Christmas, however we then did a 3 parter hosting Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and then Boxing Day. Nicole did quite the food prep for each day.

18 Dec 2019
Quiet Week

Apparently I'm into a Prog Rock kick right now. Listening to older Rush, Yes, Genesis and King Crimson, with a pinch of Floyd.

15 Dec 2019
Silly Week

Last week of work this calendar year. It's often titled as above, due to trying to finish everything off and at the same time have some holiday spirit. Wednesday night was a work party, and then Thursday went curling, which I had never done before, and thought it was quite fun. Friday went to Timber Lane in Maple Ridge for holiday festivities. Saturday was another work party, where I do volunteer work, and then Sunday a Christmas party for the kids.

8 Dec 2019
Quick visit

Had a nice little visit with one of my brothers and dad today, it was nice.

23 Nov 2019

Went from one coast of Canada to the other. Work week was spending 2/5 of my days travelling, for minimal training and lectures. On the plus side, I saw New Brunswich in the fall. On the down side, the same, and they had no usable wi-fi at the accomodations.
Hopefully done with trips for this year, seems like every few weeks I'm going places.

31 Aug 2019
Summer Vacay

Had friends over from Calgary for a week. Took a quick trip to Vancouver Island, and went to Botaical Beach, which might have been a bit much trying take a ferry, drive over, spent the day, and then crash out waiting for the ferry to return.

10 Aug 2019

Been awhile since putting anything here. Life goes on. It's been a fairly busy year, with keeping busy at home and at work. Went camping by a river for a week near Floods (West of Hope) and spent a good portion of the summer supervising a course.